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Dear Readers,

As many of you know, ACCESS is a grant-funded publication. One of the things our funders look for is whether ACCESS is making transportation research accessible to a wide audience. Do we reach enough people? Do we help enact policy change? Do we help people better understand the transportation issues of today?

We think the best way to know whether we are achieving our goal is to ask our readers.

Policy Makers: How has ACCESS helped you make policy decisions?  Can you name specific articles that you referred to when enacting policy?

Practitioners: Do you use ACCESS on the job?  In your daily life? In what way?

Faculty: Are you using ACCESS in your classrooms?  Can you tell us which articles you and your students enjoy the most?

Journalists: Does ACCESS alert you to transportation research that you can report on?

Transportation Enthusiasts: In what ways has ACCESS affected your lives?


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Thank you for continuing to make ACCESS one of the most widely read publications in transportation.


Donald Shoup