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Professor and Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis (dsperling@ucdavis.edu).

Bringing Electric Cars to Market

Daniel Sperling

In response to these opportunities, the Clinton administration has pointed to the EV as one of 22 critical technologies for the nation's economic revitalization. Battelle Technology Management Group, a private consulting firm, listed fuel cells, batteries, and hybrid vehicles as three of the ten hottest technologies for 2005. Because their principal advantages – improved air quality, reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, and energy savings – initially will be outside the marketplace, only strong government action can give EV technologies a chance in the near term. But public policy must be formulated carefully so that it is flexible enough to permit midcourse corrections and to let the market, rather than government, pick the winners.

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Environmentally Benign Automobiles

Daniel Sperling, Lee Schipper, Mark Delucchi, and Quanlu Wang

His dream has come true. There's now more than one vehicle for every licensed driver in the United States, and other developed countries are not far behind. But has the car's success created the conditions for its own demise? Conventional wisdom of market researchers, consultants, and other experts is that the automobile and its petroleum-powered internal combustion engine will be with us for a long time and that any energy and environmental problems can be readily solved. The automotive industry would very much like to believe that cheery prognosis - and perhaps it's correct.

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