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Gordon J. Fielding is professor emeritus of social science at the University of California, Irvine CA 92697 (Fielding@silas.cc.monash.edu.au).

Hot Lanes: Introducing Congestion-Pricing One Lane at a Time

Gordon J. Fielding and Daniel B. Klein

For years, economists have claimed that the only solution to highway congestion is to charge motorists for driving. But it's clear that congestion pricing still remains politically unpopular. People easily recognize the losses they'll incur by paying tolls. But they ignore the prospective benefits, including equitable distribution of driving costs, reduced congestion, efficient use of road capacity, increased public transit and ridesharing, and funding for highway upkeep and expansion.

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Investigating Toll Roads in California

Gordon J. Fielding

Californians are used to driving on highways for free, but today free driving also means slow driving. Highway congestion is increasing in urbanized areas, and there's not enough money to both maintain and expand existing roads. To raise funds, as well as discourage drive-alone travel, California legislators are now rediscovering the once-dreaded toll road.

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