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Juan Matute is Director of the UCLA Local Climate Change Initiative (jmatute@ucla.edu).

Do Cities Have Too Much Parking?

Andrew M. Fraser, Mikhail Chester, Juan Matute, and Ram Pendvala

Minimum parking requirements create more parking than is needed. This in turn encourages more driving at a time when cities seek to reduce congestion and increase transit use, biking, and walking. After nearly a century of development under these requirements, parking now dominates our cities.

Download the PDF.

Greenhouse Gas Management: Local Efforts to Curb a Global Phenomenon

Juan Matute

In 2008, California adopted the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act, or SB 375. Enforced by the California Air Resources Board, SB 375 seeks to lower greenhouse gas emissions by changing land use and travel behavior. The law requires each of the state's metropolitan planning organizations to create a "Sustainable Communities Strategy," which outlines an integrated regional transportation and land use plan to meet state-prescribed 2020 and 2035 greenhouse gas targets. Download the PDF.

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