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Louise Nelson Dyble is Assistant Professor of History at Michigan Technological University, where she is part of the Industrial Archeology and Environmental Policy programs, and Associate of the Michigan Tech Transportation Institute. Her book, Paying the Toll: Local Power, Regional Politics and the Golden Gate Bridge, won the Abel Wolman Award for best new book in the field of public works history (ldyble@mtu.edu).

The Defeat of the Golden Gate Authority: Regional Planning and Local Power

Louise Nelson Dyble

The most ambitious proposal for transportation planning ever considered for the San Francisco Bay Area—the Golden Gate Authority—went down in defeat in 1962, bringing serious efforts for regional government to an end. Authority advocates touted its potential to promote prosperity, provide employment, and relieve congestion, promises that appealed to many Bay Area leaders and interest groups. However, the prospect of a powerful new transportation authority also garnered strong opposition.

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