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Adam Millard-Ball is Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz (adammb@ucsc.edu).

Cruising for Parking: Lessons from San Francisco

Andrew Millard-Ball, Rachel Weinberger, and Robert C. Hampshire

Parking management has been a vexing problem for cities since the invention of the automobile. Among the concerns are traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions caused by drivers searching for available parking—an activity colloquially known as cruising. Cruising for parking in a 15-block business district in Los Angeles has been estimated to produce 3,600 miles of excess travel each day—equivalent to two round trips to the Moon each year.

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Phantom Trips

Adam Millard-Ball

Traffic lies at the heart of many fears about new urban development. In some cases, cities require developers to scale back housing or retail proposals to alleviate concerns about congestion. In other cases, cities widen roadways, add turn lanes, or lengthen signal cycles to accommodate projected traffic volumes. In both instances, planners and engineers wield considerable influence through their predictions of the number of vehicle trips that a proposed development will generate.

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